If it relates to computers or technology and generally seems nerdy or geeky then I’m all over it. 


Need to know about the NBN and what it all means? Wondering if you are getting the best value for money from your home or mobile Internet connection?

Save Time

Have you wondered if you can automate some of your work and personal processes? Could be as simple as learning how to create text shortcuts on your phone so you don't have to type out long sentences. Describe what you do and I’ll tell you ways to automate it.


Are you backing up your computer and mobile devices? It's relatively straight forward to set up a local and/or online backups to ensure all those food pics and selfies don't get lost.


Wondering if you computer / mobile device is secure? Secure from unauthorized entry, secure from viruses and malicious threats?


Looking for a particular mobile app to perform some kind of service? Wondering what a VPN is and how can make you anonymous when browsing online? Wondering how to start a YouTube channel and monetize the content? Want to know how to use that new funky feature of your phone? Need me to simply Google something for you?


Need help creating a website? Domain name registration, web hosting, content management systems, graphic design, or even just explaining what all that means.

Social Media and Online Marketing

Want to increase visitors and interest in your business? Need some help getting exposure on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat? Want to know about emerging social media networks and get on to them before everyone to stay ahead of the curve?

Online Commerce

Interested in selling goods and services and want to accept credit card transactions easily without having to sign up to an expensive EFTPOS service? What to setup an ebay store to sell things you don’t need anymore? Curious about the Facebook local marketplace feature? Are you crafty and wanting to know how to setup an ETSY store to sell your creations? All this and more!