3D Touch Actions on the iPhone

posted in: Automation

When the iPhone 6S was released one of the most talked about features was “3D Touch”. Using fancy technology in the screen the device could detect “deep" presses which meant it can now detect taps along with longer touches and deep presses.

This enabled a lot of handy shortcuts which, surprisingly, not many people know about.

To do a “3D touch”, put your finger on the display as normal and lightly press. If the item you are pressing on reacts to 3D touches you should see it.

Note: This only works with the iPhone 6S and newer.

Using the Camera app, rather than opening the app and then tapping the “selfie” button to flip the camera you can instead use force touch on the Camera icon and choose “Take Selfie”. That will automatically launch the app with the selfie camera ready to go!





















3D Touch on the Settings app icon to get quick access to Bluetooth, Wifi, Mobile Data and Battery settings





















Create fast alarms or timers by 3D touching the Clock app icon.





















Quickly search for an app, update all your apps and more by 3D Touching the App Store app icon.





















Last, and definitely not least you can quickly mark you current location by 3D Touching the Maps app icon.

It’s also a really quick way to send someone your current location.





















This is only a really small example. Most of the built in apps have 3D Touch actions. Also, a lot of third party developers have added 3D Touch actions to their apps as well.

So give it a try! Start 3D Touching your app icons and see what actions pop up!