It’s time to stop..

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It's time to stop the whole "Like, Share, Comment, Tag” mentality on Facebook.
Seriously. If you are a business that is relying on the “Like, Share, Comment, Tag a Friend” marketing style with your posts you need to stop. It’s happening so much now and I know personally that I ignore these types of posts. I honestly treat them like spam.
It’s not just me though. Facebook has been looking at this type of post for a while. They call it “Engagement Baiting” and have been actively demoting pages that use this style of post since 2017. This ultimately means those style of posts don’t get seen by as many people.
Pages that use this type of marketing regularly will see an overall decrease in reach as their entire page will be marked as untrustworthy and “spammy”.
So what do you do instead?
Easy. Be genuine, be interesting and be engaging.
Aim to create meaningful interactions with your targeted audience. Simply ask questions, ask for advice, give people a sense of purpose, make people feel like they are helping. All of this will create discussion and engagement on your posts which is what Facebook are after and will drive the reach further.
Live Videos are still a massive drawcard as well. Live videos create engagement and interactions.
So in summary, pretend you are talking to someone in real life. Tell a story, be funny, be interesting, ask them for their opinions, engage with them naturally not by telling them to “Like, Share, Comment and Tag”.
For more information, just google “Facebook engagement baiting”. You’ll find a lot of information from Facebook themselves along with third party sites.
As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions or want this explained in a bit more detail.