iOS 15.2 Legacy Contacts

posted in: iOS

The recent update (15.2) to iOS introduced a small feature that allows you to set someone as a trusted person who can access your Apple ID and your data after you die.

In the past it’s been a somewhat complicated process to access a relatives Apple ID in the event of their death. This essentially meant that information was lost forever.

This feature changes that.

The person that you designate as your trusted contact can access your photos, messages, notes, files, contacts, calendar events, apps, device backups and more after your death.

The new setting can be accessed via the Settings app and navigating to your Apple ID. From there, tap into the “Passwords & Security” section then choosing “Legacy Contact”.

Once in there, simply select a contact to set as your trusted person. It doesn’t matter if the person you choose is an iPhone or Android user as you can easily share your access key through a message or by printing it out.

Using the access key and a death certificate your trusted contact can unlock and access your account.

Full details can be found on the Apple website.