About Little Brown Monkey

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Little Brown Monkey came from a physical little brown monkey that my parents bought for me when I was very young. They went away on a trip and when asked what I wanted them to bring me back I said “a monkey”. My mum makes comment about how difficult the prospect seemed but nonetheless when they were on the return trip home they found a little brown monkey at the airport gift shop.

The little brown monkey has followed me everywhere since them. Sitting on my desk or stuffed in a bag while I travel. It’s just a constant reminder of my family and the sacrifices my parents made for me to be who I am now.

It took me around 4 years to come up with a business name. All that time the little brown monkey was staring me in the face everyday. As things happen, it just dawned on me one day that Little Brown Monkey would be a great business name.

My little brown monkey represents
Quality - Its lasted 38+ years.
Loyalty - I've always taken it with me. When I moved away to go to University. When I've travelled overseas. It's always been by my side.
Sacrifice, Respect, Humility - Lets be honest. Airport gift shops aren't cheap. It reminds me of the sacrifice my parents made raising me and my sisters and keeps me grounded.

Monkeys are also intelligent, mobile, agile, adaptable, creative, have the ability to use tools, learn new skills, show great self-awareness and like to try new things

All of which I see in myself and my business.

The original little brown monkey sitting on a laptop