Correctness vs Consistency. Doing things right.

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I drive a 2017 Honda Civic and by all accounts its a nice car. They changed the look of the 2017 model to be more sporty looking and it does look nice.
I usually plug my iPhone in and just use CarPlay but recently I was going somewhere with Melanie and she noticed the built in clock on the entertainment system was wrong.
It was the 21st April but the Honda entertainment unit said "21th". Obviously its a software bug but being the geek that I am I was curious if it was just the "21st" that would be bugged or all the non "th" dates. i.e. "22nd", "23rd”.
Turns out they are all wrong. 
I know the entertainment unit runs a version of Android. I'm guessing that during the software language translation process the person doing it either didn't know or, at the time, didn't think about it.
It got me thinking though. Honda make cars. Nice cars. Reliable cars. Who Q&A tests Honda cars? Specifically the entertainment units? Maybe a third party who provides the software for the units? Who knows.
Anyway, it seems like a pretty significant thing to miss considering the clock is a standard and central part of the car. Sure, it's not going to affect the cars performance at all but it does kind of look bad for a company. 
If they can't get the simple things correct can you assume the more important things are?
Like I said on twitter when I posted the "23st" image, At least it is consistent. Right?