Social Media Audit

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Social Media AuditOne of the services I offer is a Social Media Audit. I’ve done a lot of reading and watching and experimenting and I’m willing to share the knowledge.

The way it works is I meet with you for approximately 15-30mins and go through a number of questions that helps me to determine your current online / social media exposure. I’ll also ask questions related to your business, find out what plans you have going forward and also find out what you are doing currently in terms of online / social media engagement.

After that initial meeting I’ll go away and complete the audit. I’ll look at your business, fully audit your online and social media platforms, compare your online presence to that of some of your competitors, and offer feedback including letting you know what you are doing right and also offering advice to improve engagement, exposure and draw more customers to your business.

A full audit document will be provided detailing everything including suggestions to improve your online and social media presence. You are free to use the information as you wish or alternatively I’d be more than happy to work with you to help you with your social media and online presence going forward.

Contact me if interested.