World Backup Day 2018

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Backup Audit FREE

March 31st, along with being smack bang in the middle of Easter, happens to be

It still surprises me how many people simply don’t backup their phone and computer. I hear stories daily of people who have lost an assignment, or a work document, or a bunch of photos they will never be able to replace.

Over the years I’ve built a pretty robust backup sustem for all my devices (laptop, desktop computer, iPhone, iPads, iPods) which means at anytime I can loose the device but will always have an up to date backup of the data.

A backup audit is probably the simplest one to do. I just ask you if you’ll let me erase your phone or delete everything on your computer.

There’s two possible results:

1) If you are adequately backed up it won’t be a problem. You’d let me erase it and simple restore from the backup.

2) If you don’t have adequate backups, that thought might be a little scary.

If you are in group number 2, I’m happy to have a chat to offer some advice.

If after talking I see that you really don’t have a backup solution in place. I’ll sort one out for you.

It's simple and easy to do backups these days. Don't leave it too late and risk loosing all those food / pet / selfie pics.